Index of Feature Esports Articles

  1. End of the Love Story, s1mple and Hiko’s Last Run
  2. Na`Vi vs LG, The Best Rivalry in CS:GO
  3. Liquid’s Cinderella Run at the Major
  4. JW, the Swedish Cowboy
  5. The Swedish Schism
  6. Brother vs Brother, HiKo vs s1mple
  7. The AWP Rivalry of 2016: FalleN vs GuardiaN
  8. Karrigan, The Car Builder
  9. NiKo, s1mple, and Coldzera: The Generation of Miracles
  10. The Rise and Fall of the Fnatic Empire
  11. Life, Death, and Rebirth. The Art of Virtus.Pro
  12. All Roads Lead to Virtus.Pro
  13. Freedom for NiKo
  14. The King Meets the Sickest, Shox and KennyS team up
  15. A Tale of Two Dynasties: NiP and Fnatic
  16. Mirrored Finals, Allu’s Redemption
  17. Ascendancy, A Coldzera Story
  18. The Hot and Cold Poles
  19. Dev1ce vs KennyS
  20. Whatever it takes, A fer story
  21. In Three Days, A Karrigan Story
  22. The Evolution and History of SK
  23. Karrigan vs gla1ve, the Danish Chess Match
  24. “I won’t give up before I win a motherfucking Major” — A Zeus Story
  25. ESL NY 2016: A Tournament of False Promises
  26. Liquid Democracy
  27. Fortitude, a Boltz Story
  28. The Tears of GuardiaN
  1. Team Secret One Year Later — TI6 Preview
  2. Cloud9 One Year Later — TI6 Preview
  3. TI1 to TI6: The Flash Forward
  4. Wings Take Flight: The Journey to TI6
  5. PPD — Legacy
  6. OG: Kings of Dota
  7. KuroKy’s New Chapter
  8. Resolut1on’s World Tour Goes to Europe
  1. INnoVation — Plato’s Terran
  2. Breaker of Cycles, The Beast, the Icon — Daigo
  3. The IdrA Archetype
  4. One Last Time, One Last Night — Jaedong
  5. Redemption for Hungrybox
  6. Leffen’s Greatest Weakness is Himself
  1. Weight of the Name
  2. The Game of Champions
  1. dev1ce the Tactical AWPer
  2. Na`Vi, the Slumbering CIS Giant
  3. AdreN and Hobbit, The Dual Stars of Gambit
  4. Fearless, a k0nfig Story
  5. Not Yet, a Virtus.Pro Story
  6. Boldness and Courage, a Karrigan Story
  7. Taking Control, A Tarik Story
  8. Three Major Finals, A GuaridaN Story
  9. Bounded Rationality, A look into the Mind of MSL
  10. The Sword of Damocles, The Pressure at the Top
  11. The Three Systems of CS:GO: Denmark, Karrigan, and FalleN
  12. Olofmeister and KRIMZ, the Yin and the Yang
  13. Transformation, A Mouz Story
  14. The s1mple show is the best show in Esports
  15. The G2 Thunderdome
  16. Antifragility and the Black Swan, A SK Story
  17. The Return, a NAF Story
  18. Life After Death, A Steel Story
  19. The s1mple Era
  20. TACO, The Brazilian Shadow
  21. Reintegration, A Magisk Story
  22. Formative Myths: NiP vs VeryGames
  23. Liquid Still Need the “It” Factor
  24. Rebuild, A Daps Story
  25. ChrisJ and NiKo, A Tale of Two Survivors
  26. Dupreeh, The Man who did everything
  27. The Perils of Leadership, The fall of Snax and Hobbit
  28. A War of Ideals: The Reborn Rivalry of Astralis and FaZe
  29. Fall of the Champions: Gambit and Cloud9
  30. I want to Win, A GeT_RiGhT Story
  31. Superstar among Superstars, a NiKo story
  32. In the Clutch, a Xyp9x Story
  33. Veni, Vidi, Vici, Pax Astralis
  34. Tacitcal Supremacy, A Gla1ve Story
  35. Dev1ce and S1mple, A tale of two AWPers
  36. The Three best Farm Teams in CS:Go
  37. Nowhere Left to Go, the FaZe Cul-de-sac
  38. The Perfection of Astralis Highlights the Flaws of Other Teams
  39. The Tautoligical Existence of the Greatest: Fnatic, SK and Astralis
  40. Coutnterfactuals: What if the DH Winter Boost Scandal Didnt’ Happen?
  41. From Superheroes to Systems, The Rise of Astralis and Liquid
  42. How Fallen’s GMing took the Brazilians to the top
  43. From Unheralded to undisputed, Astralis 2018
  44. Karrigan is the Master of Chaos
  45. The Breaking of Teams, Looking back on VP, SK and G2
  46. Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted — The Astralis T-side
  47. A Universe with Two Suns: Astralis and s1mple
  48. Homecoming, An Allu Story
  1. Puppy and KuroKy, Teammates turned Rivals
  2. EternaLEnVy, an Anime Story
  3. PPD vs EG, The Saga Begins
  4. From EG to OpTic, the PPD System
  5. The Greatest Trick Q ever pulled was getting Shiki to a TI Finals
  6. Prince Fy Returns to the International
  7. Salt of the Earth, The Petty Rivalries of TI8
  8. Through Hell, to the Heavens, the OG Story
  9. They Stood Back Up, the OG Victory at TI8
  10. Secret 1.0, The Genesis of EU Dota
  11. Over a Decade Later, A Puppey Story
  1. Leffen Kills his White Whale and wins EVO
  2. Daigo’s Never-Ending Road
  3. HungryBox’s Game
  4. Fissure’s Revenge
  5. Dallas Fuel, The Broken Kingdom
  6. Effect, The Final Flame of the Dallas Fuel
  7. The 0–40 Dream, I have Faith in the Shanghai Dragons
  8. The 0–40 Dream is Reality
  9. From Chasing Victories to Chasing the Strongest, A Tokido Story
  10. Chasing Dreams, The Runaway Story
  11. Strength Turned Weakness
  12. The Paradoxical Mindset of Esports competitors
  13. In Search of Meaning, a Crown Story
  14. One Punch Man, How Element Mystic and Sp9rk1e Beat the GOATS
  1. Sword of Damocles

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